Fresh from the rolling hills of Southern Sri Lanka



Fresh from the rolling hills of Southern Sri Lanka, our cinnamon still grows, is harvested and distilled in strict adherence to the same ancestral methods since antiquity. Today, Natural Oils mission is to offer you the most potent organic true cinnamon oil in the world, so you too can enjoy its unique health and medicinal benefits. True Cinnamon has been effectively used since thousands of years to combat a variety of ailments including viral diseases and the flu. During these uncertain times, we feel that it is Natural Oils mission and our duty to ensure you put all chances on your family side.

Benefits of True Ceylon Cinnamon:

Strong Antiviral
Strong Antifungal
Strong Antibacterial
Lowers Cholesterol
Good source of calcium
Improves digestion
Full of antioxidants
Kills Candida
Helps reduce high blood pressure
Good source of iron
Balances blood sugar levels
Helps Build Strong Bones
Boosts memory
Build strong bones
Good source of manganese

COV19 outbreak placed True Ceylon Cinnamon Oils on the list of potential natural compounds that can really help humanity face the viral aggression.

Why use Ceylon Cinnamon:

Carrier Oils must be used to unlock and deliver True Ceylon Cinnamon unique medicinal properties.  Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Oil blended in the right proportions with clove, frankincense, lavender, lemon, sweet orange, ylang ylang, ginger, and bergamot delivers impressive health benefits. 

True Cinnamon Oil has been successfully used to address emotional and physical ailments, such as depression, respiratory, digestive problems, colds, flu, weight gain, diarrhea, yeast infections, heavy menstruation, menstrual cramps, arthritis, skin infections and digestive problems.

Ceylon Cinnamon Oil has been priced since the dawn of human civilization. Egyptian Pharos imported it to Egypt at great cost and the precious oil was worth its weight of gold during times of plagues and viral diseases in Europe. 


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